Our Customer’s Dilemma

Roughly 70% of FPSOs are built in Singapore where technical expertise is plentiful and the excellent harbor supports vessel construction. The Ro-Flo team is familiar with the needs of this region and was prepared when a Singapore rotating equipment packager presented their dilemma to them.

This packager was tasked with supplying a complex, but critical, Vapor Recovery Unit for an Indian FPSO. The Packager’s past experience with oil flooded screw compressors showed they “needed close monitoring to operate” and “required complex repair.” They were also prone to condensate problems with wet, acidic or heavy hydrocarbon gas streams. The packager sought a simpler, more reliable and field repairable compressor technology so they contacted Ro-Flo Compressors, LLC.

Our Solution

Ro-Flo responded promptly with a selection of Ro-Flo rotary sliding vane models 17L-217M in a two stage, drive thru arrangement. Ro-Flo’s experience with sour and heavy gas streams was a key factor in the decision to package around the sliding vane, positive displacement compressor technology. Ease of operation and straightforward maintenance and repair procedures weighed heavily with service managers and maintenance personnel.

The importance of this first vane package prompted daily interface with Ro-Flo’s excellent technical support during design and full performance testing through the Rotary Test Center (RTC). The RTC confirmed performance within expectation and Ro-Flo attended the customer’s successful package Factory Acceptance Testing in Singapore later that year.

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