There’s no question where the world is trending on vapor recovery requirements:

  • A geosynchronous satellite over the Gulf of Mexico is programmed to sense any flare ignition on offshore oil rigs, with permit checks and possible fines as the next step.
  • North Dakota and Wyoming passing regulations tightly curtailing flares and imposing penalties for extended activity.
  • Albertan operations are required to have a Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU) in place before drilling new wells.
  • California requires redundant VRU’s at oil production sites.
  • Russia’s president mandated 95% vapor recovery across his country.
  • Thailand is moving toward a “zero flare” policy, as are many other areas.

And yet, Ro-Flo Compressors are enabling operators to profitably comply with these new environmental regulations. We have the case studies to prove it:

Huge Potential for VRU Profitability

A Libyan oil well now recovers 6,000 bbl/day of condensate (valued at > $100MM USD/year) that used to be puddled and ignited sending a huge cloud of black smoke skyward and windward to the town’s people.

A major Bakken oil producer calculated an ROI on VRU’s at 9 months in their operations. ROI’s on VRU equipment have been calculated to be as brief as 3 months.


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