gas fired turbine using ro-flo rotary sliding vane compressor

Condenser Services

Ro-Flo compressors have been employed in power plant condenser service for many decades. They have been employed to increase steam turbine efficiency through back pressure relief.  To minimize corrosion and fouling issues (due to biological growth), Ro-Flo’s remove dissolved gases, such as carbon dioxide and oxygen.

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imperial valley lettuce farm vegetable chilling and cooling vacuum pump compressor

Vegetable Chilling with Vacuum Cooling

Cost is king in food processing and Ro-Flo’s reliability and ease of repair fit the bill. Ro-Flo’s vacuum pumps have a long proven track record in this market and application make it the easy choice.

Vacuum Stripping

Many industrial processes use solvents or reacting agents to facilitate production. Often these materials need to be removed from the product to be preserved for reuse or to achieve product compliance. Ro-Flo vacuum pumps accelerate the boil off of these vapors by drawing deep vacuums on batch processes. Ro-Flo’s efficiency reduces processing time, enables raw material reclamation and delivers compliant product ready for market.

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