Benefits of Sliding Vane Gas Compressors

  Operation of the Sliding Vane Gas Compressor A sliding vane compressor is a positive displacement compressor, meaning it decreases a specific volume of a gas, resulting in increased gas pressure. The sliding vane compressor consists of an external casing called a cylinder, the rotating element inside called the rotor, and sliding vanes. The rotor … Continued

Why Direct Injection Compressor Lubrication Is the Best Choice

Why Direct Injection Compressor Lubrication Is the Best Choice Direct injection compressor lubrication is used in sliding vane gas compressors and has distinct benefits over other types of lubrication used by other compressors. In order to understand why, it’s necessary to understand how a sliding vane compressor works. Sliding Vane Compressor Design and Operation A … Continued

Compressing Gas Streams Containing H2S

  Sour gas is any gas containing significant amounts, typically above 20ppm, of hydrogen sulfide (H2S). H2S is a colorless gas that is heavier than air and harmful to humans at concentrations of 20 ppm in air. At concentrations of 800 ppm death results in 30 minutes due to destruction of lung tissues. At low … Continued

Common Rotary Equipment Tests and Analyses

Compressor testing can be utilized to validate expected performance, analyze product developments, determine baseline data in a controlled environment, troubleshoot unexpected or undesirable operation and much more. It is often preferable to hire an independent third-party testing service to ensure unbiased results. Popular and valuable tests that are commonly performed include: Performance Test -The purpose … Continued