Rotary Sliding Vane Compressors For The Toughest Gas Streams

Ro-Flo sliding vane compressors are the world leader in handling heavy, dirty and corrosive gases. So robust and dependable that every one of the world’s 25 largest oil and gas companies have selected Ro-Flo compressors for their vapor recovery and associated gas applications.

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From the freezing cold of Northern Alberta and Western Siberia to the searing heat of the Middle East, Ro-Flo’s have been the solution. Just routine for Ro-Flo. We are experts in rotary vane technology, with decades of experience using our proven products to efficiently and reliably handle the worst gas streams worldwide.

Lube Rate Calculator

“Ro-Flo’s once-through, direct oil injection protects the internal components from the corrosive elements of the gas stream.”

We created a Lube Rate Calculator to help you identify the lube point locations and calculate the correct oil consumption rate for Ro-Flo compressors.

Nearly a Century of Proven Performance and Still the Preferred Choice by Industries Worldwide

Since the 1930s, Ro-Flo compressors have been known for their reliability in compression applications. It’s normal for our compressors to last decades. We regularly receive requests for spare parts for units built 30 years ago.

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“We have used Ro-Flo products for well over a decade, and they are the most robust machines we have packaged. Their low-maintenance requirements are only exceeded by the ease of service.”

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“Always a pleasure doing business with Ro-Flo Compressors. We get such great support when needed and you simply make the best rotary vane compressor. Ro-Flo is a key part of our product offering and we hope to increase business for us both in the future.”

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