Installation of ro-flo compressor in Kuwait for oil production

Reliable and Cost-Effective

Known for reliable service, low maintenance and cost effective operation, Ro-Flo has earned an excellent reputation with a wide variety of end users. It’s no surprise that hundreds of Ro-Flo’s are in service in the most extreme climates and remote locations.

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Oil and Gas Applications

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  • Flare Gas Recovery Unit (FGRU)
  • Tank VRU*
  • FPSO
  • Gas Gathering
  • Wellhead Pressure Relief
  • Casing Gas Collection
  • Flash Gas
  • Offshore VRU
  • Gas Booster Service
  • Sour Gas VRU
  • Acid Gas Service
  • Vessel Unloading

* VRU = Vapor Recovery Unit

Marginal Well Gas Gathering in Oklahoma: A Case Study


A long standing regional marginal well gas producer in Oklahoma.


Four gas gathering packages, in service since 1984 (without a head ever removed), are approaching the end of their service life and will need replacement. Modified packages have run so well that the customer seeks duplicate packages, specifying Ro-Flo compressors. Service requires increased vacuum capability as wells deplete and new wells range further.


Ro-Flo Compressors, LLC status as a bare frame supplier allows complete freedom to refer the project to an appropriate group of right sized, flexible packagers to replicate the successful systems.


Another 30+ year run of Ro-Flo compressors is expected.


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