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Ro-Flo Over The Years Compressor

In 1930, Mickey Mouse and the Lone Ranger debuted, US astronomer Clyde Tombaugh discovered Pluto, and the United States plunged into the Great Depression. In the midst of this innovation and turmoil, Allis Chalmers created the Ro-Flo Compressor. Originally developed as a plant air compressor, Ro-Flo’s later became recognized as a world leader for compressing wet and sour gases.

The Product Becomes the Company

Over the years, AC’s products changed hands, and the Ro-Flo Compressor technology found itself owned by a Fortune 500 company. Ro-Flo’s compressor affordability never fit well with a large organization’s revenue needs. Its fast lead time and solution-centric ideology demanded that it stand on its own. So, in 2007, several Ro-Flo engineers bought the technology and opened shop as Ro-Flo Compressors, LLC.

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Generations of Experience

Our knowledgeable staff picks up the phone and uses decades of successful application’s experience to ensure your success. When you contact us, you will be speaking with a compression expert who will advise if or how we fit your application.

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Worldwide Applications

You can find Ro-Flo compressors operating all over the world from the expansive plains of Midwest America to the fierce North Sea and the energy-rich barren wastelands of the Arctic Circle. Wherever you are, Ro-Flo’s are in service nearby.